The legendary car, which saw the light of the world in 1993, is produced by the American car manufacturer JEEP. The Grand Cherokee was the first car to be produced by JEEP after it was taken over by Chrysler. For common mortals, it was first seen what the car concept at the Detroit Motor Show in 1992 and already during the renowned motoring festival has won the hearts of thousands of car fans.

During its history and market operations, Jeep has created four generations of the Grand Cherokee, which have always brought fresh wind and new energy to the SUV segment. The first generation of the car was manufactured until 1998 in Detroit and Austria. It was offered in three versions in total, depending on the gear, the car was differentiated from Base, Laredo and Limited. In addition to these modifications, several limited editions were created and the most luxurious special edition was sold under the name Jeep Grand Wagooner. The second generation Gran Cherokee was very similar to its predecessor to the interior that was completely changed. The car was sold from 1999 to 2004 with a diesel engine of 3.1 liters. In 2005, the new generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee was launched, bringing the SRT8 sporting model, which accelerated from zero to 100 km / h in just five seconds. For the fourth generation, the Jeep has developed a more refined and sleeker look that has improved car ride performance and overall consumption. The current version has been produced since 2010, when it replaced the original third generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Thanks to the innovative approach, constant refinement and enhancement of the Grand Cherokee, the car has fans around the world and the SUV Grand Cherokee is the flagship of this company.

Jeep Cherokee in the data

The new Grand Cherokee 2014 brings a lot of breakthroughs that are unparalleled in the SUV category. The whole car is so conceived in a modern style with details of consumption and comfortable driving characteristics. The excellent performance of the car is ensured by an efficient eight-speed gearbox. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, the eight-speed gearbox delivers better performance, faster and smoother gearing and lower fuel consumption.

For ultimate comfort and safety, the Selec-Terrain traction control system offers five different modes for all conditions including snow, including the Quadra-Lift pneumatic suspension to adjust the vehicle’s clear height to optimize vehicle performance.

Jeep is also important for safety and protection. That’s why the Grand Cherokee 2014 has built some breakthrough systems that improve safety inside the car. One of these special technologies is dead angle monitoring, which uses two radar sensors on a vehicle to monitor the dead angle of the driver. The system then alerts the light and audible warning light to the possibility of a vehicle that is at a dead angle.

There is also a frontal impact warning system that warns you against possible impact by means of sensors at the front of the vehicle. In addition to these great toys, the car offers the perfect protection and state-of-the-art security features on the market. A complete range of airbags that includes front, side, window airbags for the front and rear seats. As a cherry on the cake for ultimate comfort, the rear parking camera provides secure and smooth parking with camera and guiding lines.

At the Grand Cherokee you will also appreciate the great exterior, which makes the car a great designer thing to turn crowds. A self-contained and elegant body with an element of insolence dominates every street that you will pass with your car. The spectacular 20 “polished aluminum wheels then pull the rest of the attention. The end LEDs of the world then breathe life into the car, along with the double exhaust tailpipes.

Interior and other equipment

The interior is literally a paradise for all luxury car lovers in the new Grand Cherokee 2014. The inviting and luxurious interior features heated seats made from premium Natura Plus leather or exotic wood elements and other tiny details that literally breathe your breath. In the middle of it all proudly stands out a 7-inch multifunction display with modern TFT technology. The display will show you all the information you need while driving, and you can handle intuitive control within a few moments. A bigger and more advanced brother is the Uconnect system, which is equipped with a large 8.4-inch screen where you can control the entire car system, adjust the air conditioning, tuning the radio, or turn on navigation. Using Bluetooth, you can operate the audio system with voice commands. There are also a lot of things like USB port, SD card reader or DAB radio.

The Jeep car does not spare on its cars, so the Grand Cherokee car offers you the best SUV standard you can find. Within a few moments you will love this car.

Grand Cherokee, the flagship of JEEP

When the JEEP introduced its SUV Grand Cherokee concept in 1992 at the Detroit Motor Show, she certainly did not know what arouse the visitor to the car show. SUV Grand Cherokee has been on the market for over twenty years and is still gaining more and more fans of this exceptional car like the Cherokee. The new JEEP model for 2014 brings a lot of new features and improvements to the original version. Let’s take a closer look at this unique SUV.

The first major change to the car’s operation is a new eight-speed gearbox that, according to JEEP engineers, should be more accurate and more efficient than other gearboxes in other SUVs. With modern technology and nearly 40 different shifting modes for all sorts of conditions, the overall car consumption and driving performance have been reduced. Compared to previous models, the Grand Cherokee will achieve a 10% reduction in Eco mode fuel economy over previous models. The heart of the car, the engine is offered in three variants. The first version offers a 3 liter Diesel V6 with 250 horses, the second version is 3.6 liters of Pentastar V6 and under the bonnet hood of 286 horses and the last strongest version hides unbelievable power in the form of 352 hp and 5.7 liter engine HEMI V8. In addition to great performance and energy savings, we can expect great improvements in terms of safety and protection inside the car.

The car is fully equipped with state-of-the-art airbags, dead angle monitoring, impact warning system and rear parking camera. The exterior deserves the star with an asterisk, as JEEP once again served the great appearance of the car, which, with its robust impression, wakes the wide range. In the front of the car are intelligent headlights which, thanks to modern technology, offer great efficiency under all conditions. The whole impression is thrown by the powerful 20 “wheels, into which the car is obut. The interior then offers true luxury and elegance in one. A large main panel with multimedia background and a great system for control and control of the car dominates the entire interior. Furthermore, luxury quilted Natura Plus leather seats or exotic wood components will keep you cool.

Automobile Jeep is simply capable of making luxury SUVs and Grand Cherokee 2014 is proof.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is not just an ordinary SUV

The Jeep brand is firmly established as a major puddle in America. Although Europe is not one of the biggest players in the market, it has a couple of es in the sleeve that quietly rewind the established brands in our country. One of the trumps Jeep has is Grand Cherokee. This version of 2014 raises the heartbeat of many automotive enthusiasts and SUV enthusiasts.

The first version of the Grand Cherokee was launched in 1993 and was the first car produced by the Jeep after Chrysler took over. Since then, the Grand Cherokee has been one of the best SUVs on the market that you can get to be a little in the 2014 model, there are a couple of innovative solutions that bring that gem to a new level.

Let’s start from the beginning inside Grand Cherokee. As is customary, the car offers an elegant and luxurious interior car solution. Inside the car there are quilted leather seats, exotic wood-paneled elements and two large clear displays with a multimedia system. The system is designed to take full advantage of all the features the Jeep offers, such as air conditioning, voice control of the radio, SD cards and lots more. From the interior, we move out to see the character of the new Grand Cherokee. Elegant design with a drop of ingenuity raises respect and respect in the broad surroundings. The stylish front bumper and twenty-inch wheels make the impression of the car.

The Jeep does not forget protection and safety, so there are several safety features built into the car that will ensure a carefree ride. Improvements such as blind spot monitoring, impact warning system, or rear parking camera are just a few of the suggested security measures. Jeep simply thinks about everything. Now to the very heart of the car, which all impatient motorists are waiting for and the performance of the car. Thanks to the new, modern 8-speed gearbox, the car can handle a much lower consumption than before, and in Eco mode it has reduced its consumption by up to 10% over previous models. A 3-liter V6 engine with a power of 250 hp at 4000 rpm is a cherry on a cake in an already ornate car.

Jeep Grand Cherokee knows what to do to capture a viewer who will not let go. On the other hand, a great car like the Grand Cherokee is more or less alone.



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