Esprit, was from 1974 to 2004 synonymous with the best that Lotus could offer its customers. Now that legend should come back in 2020.

Legend19a on behalf of Esprit

The return of this famous model has been going on for years. At present, however, this event is becoming more and more certain. Chief of Lotus, Jean-Marc Gales, said just before his departure that the new owner of the brand, which is Chinese Geely, would love two new sporting models.

The news should come by 2020 at the latest. One of them should be a car that will build on the current Evora model. It should be a car that will be very similar to the former Esprit, if not its successor.

According to some sources, Geely should offer Lotus a modular platform of another brand owned by Volvo. But the question is how would this platform be able to deal with the concept of a car with a motor located in the back of the car.

New technologies

Lotus always likes to use novel methods, such as a large number of aluminum alloys, or joining parts through riveting and bonding, which is common in the aviation industry. Another material that Lotus takes is a composite that should remain faithful to a great extent.

Under the new owner, the use of Volva drives, ie Drive-E, can not be ruled out, which could replace current engines from Toyota in the form of 1.6 and 1.8 liter aggregates together with the top 3.5V Evora.

However, the news has not yet even been a sign of any hints, so it is all speculated so far. And so it’s about a two-seater or a much larger increase in the brand palette. Esprit would not have missed us.

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