Every motorcycle owner sooner or later faces the unfortunate moment when their two-wheeled iron horse requires a repair. Although falls and accidents contribute to the purchase of spare parts the most, it doesn’t mean the other riders are out of this obligation. It is an inevitable situation, no matter how careful the rider is. Over time, the motorcycle parts deteriorate and will need repairs or even replacements.

Choosing the right motorcycle parts is a great way to ensure your motorcycle continues to perform at its best. But which are the most suitable for your vehicle?

Traditionally, motorcycle parts are divided into three categories:

  •         Original parts – made by the same manufacturer as the bike, they fit the bike perfectly; but, as expected, are more on the expensive side and thus their purchase is not always affordable or preferred by motorcycle lovers. Out of the three it is the most risk-free option
  •         Non-genuine parts – almost as good as genuine parts but from non-brand manufacturers. This is more of a win or lose option out of the three and it is highly suggested to at least ask other riders for help in choosing a trusty non-brand manufacturer.
  •         Second hand parts – Many motorcyclists argue about whether buying used parts makes sense. Some motorcyclists believe that it is best to buy new, albeit expensive, motorcycle parts. Other motorcyclists find that the “used” option is also acceptable as you can find cheap and good quality parts.

So, how do you choose the right parts for your bike?

When looking for a replacement for a broken motorcycle part, use the serial number of the old part – this will ensure you don’t end up with the wrong part. Parts for popular bikes are easy to buy. It’s harder to find parts for rare models. Sometimes the search for individual components can take months. For example, on JawaShop you can buy high-quality motorcycle parts online for most of the Jawa type bikes for reasonable prices. To ensure the long life of your motorcycle parts, it is recommended that you buy quality branded products that will last for many years if used properly. Also remember that if you are new to the motorcycle world, it is best to seek expert advice before you go shopping. Guys from your local specialist garage will tell you exactly what parts to buy and what brand.

Author: Patrik Frťala


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