Bugatti plans to introduce a new, very special model. He will be named after the famous racing driver and Bugatti has just revealed his silhouette.

A novel called Divo

Bugatti is currently offering only two models – Buhatti Chiron and Bugatti Chiron Sport. However, this pair should soon be complemented by a third model.

Bugatti confirmed the arrival of the new model in June and will be named Divo. She added that it would be a link to classic cars with a strong aerodynamic pressure.

The car’s engine performance will be really high, but the car will only limit it to 385 km / h. The acceleration of the car will be 2.5 seconds per hundred kilometers and 6.5 seconds per 200 kilometers per hour. But these values ​​are still nothing official.

Dear collector piece

Bugatti revealed that she wishes to return to the tradition of the frame chassis that could be mounted on any bodywork. It was the dominance of luxury brands in the first half of the twentieth century.

The basis for this car should become the Chiron model, but the novelty will vary greatly. And above all, the bodywork, the line of which now indicated the revealed silhouette of the car. It raises the memories of Bugatti Vision Fran Turismo in 2015. It is, however, very likely that Divo will look significantly different.

The car will be built in a limited series that will only count 40 pieces and the price for one specimen will be 5 million euros, which is twice the price of the basic Bugatti Chrion Sport. The premiere should take place in two days in California.

The car should originate in a limited edition of only 40 pieces, and the price for one specimen should be around 5 million euros, about twice as high as the price of the Bugatti Chiron Sport model at the base. The premiere will take place in California.

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