Ford presented a new tool to help its employees with fatigue and reduce workplace injuries.

Automobiles make huge sums of money each year to develop new technologies that focus on technology applied to their cars, 99%. Few of them, however, invest more in the comfort of their employees. But this is not the case for Ford, who has recently surprised himself with a number of very unconventional, technological concepts, such as a steering wheel or folding wheel. Now he focused on the comfort of his own staff and introduced EksoVest.

It is a work vest that is responsible for reducing the employee’s fatigue and eliminating the possibility of work injury. At first glance it looks quite impractical and humpolácky, but the novelty is already tested in production and employees can not approve it. This is evidenced by the words of Paul Collins, a worker who is currently testing his vest: “I often work over my head at home, often returning back to my back, neck and shoulder,” explains Ford. “I started using my vest and my pains are smaller, and I have more energy to play at home with my grandchildren.”

Ford features the vest as a tool that can assist employees up to 6.8 kilograms on one shoulder. It is relatively light and does not interfere. It is available for employees in sizes from 150 centimeters to 190 centimeters. Statistically, Ford’s staff lift the hand over the head 4,600 times in a single day. For a whole year this is about one million rises in one year. That’s why the company has begun testing vests right in their companies at one time.

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