Aston Matin is renowned for its supersport cars, but at the moment it is also working on another very original project, which is an airplane with a vertical start and a landing.

An interesting idea

The name of the project is the Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept. This is a luxurious version of a small airplane with a perpendicular start and landing, powered exclusively by an electric motor and autonomous systems. The flying machine is designed for three people and is the result of the collaboration between Aston Martin’s design center, Cranfield Aerospace Solution and Rolls-Royce Aircraft, which has nothing to do with the carmaker.

Technical interest

We do not have much information about this concept, but the manufacturers have revealed that the latest developments in aviation, electric drives and autonomous systems have been used in its design.

The design of the airplane has been designed primarily by people from Aston and boasts dynamic lines that evoke both classic fighters as well as models of a well-known British automaker, especially its Valkyrie model, which is the top top brand hypersport.


Andy Palmer, President and CEO of Aston, has been told that the airplane will represent the future for cities. According to his words, he will become more and more drowned in the issue of crowding in the streets where cars, cars and public transport will move. The airplane would, in his words, help resolve the problem of moving to short distances in and outside cities.

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