The transition of the century, so talk of the transfer of Christian Ronald to Juventus. However, this enormous change caused Fiat’s strike.

Ronaldo goes to Italy!

The Football World Cup is not the biggest football event this year. It has become a breakthrough in the history of Real Madrid and Juventus Turin football clubs when the first named person sold Christiano Ronald to Italy. Football fans are enthusiastic, but Fiat’s employees and unions are raging and striking.

The reason is that both the car and the football club have the same owner. Although both work completely separate, the Agneli family controls all their steps through the Exor Investment Holding. And that’s what makes it big, because Fiat has been keeping its employees for a long time, and the car is saving where it can be. Juventus, on the other hand, does not have the problem of arranging a transfer of the century for 112 million euros, which will be repaid for the next two years through several repayments.

Big shot for Fiat workers

At the time of the Fiat staff survey, such a transaction is absolutely unacceptable for Fiat and its employees. Professionals would rather see increased employee wages than buying such expensive players. To protest against this, the unions declared a strike.

For trade unions and employees, such behavior is totally unacceptable. Experts would rather see if employee wages were higher than buying so expensive players in Juventus. The culmination is the announcement of the strike.

In addition, Ronald’s purchase came at a time when the carmaker is considering moving the cheaper models off Italy and retaining only expensive models at home. On the other hand, many financial experts see the purchase of Ronald as a genial marketing move that will make money on sales of jerseys, television rights, and other activities that Ronald’s name will attract. In addition, the influx of new sponsors and Juventus is expected to make a huge payoff.

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