Holiday time is here and there are long journeys by car across Europe. It means for us a great deal of things that we have to transfer. Do you know how to handle your suitcase best? Come and see us with it.

Check everything

Before you go into loading the trunk, it’s good to check if everything is right for you at home, whether it’s all cut, fed, fired, set and disconnected. If, then, you can start to begin carefully compiling into your car’s luggage compartment. Here we need to proceed logically and with deliberation. Even this trivial thing has its own rules, but it is very simple.

How about a trunk

Carrying things in a car has a very simple procedure. It starts with the hardest luggage and ends up with the lightest. This is primarily because of safety, but also because of the better center of gravity of the car. At the same time, it is always good to think about mandatory equipment, which may be different in some countries. It is good to pack a pulling rope, but it also fits a flashlight or an electric compressor, which you can use for inflatable deck chairs.

Things in the cabin

If you fill the trunk to the edge, then you can start loading things in the cabin itself. There is a need to put things on the floor of the car and not on the seats. This applies to everything from a drink bottle to a refrigerator. In the event of a collision, such things can cause serious injury to passengers in the car.

The same applies to the back pay below the rear window. Here people often put off the excesses and things they want to use while driving, but this is a magazine or pillow. But there are many people here who bring cameras, drinks bottles, or cans or books. Here, even in severe braking, passengers may be injured by these objects.

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