Volvo is considered one of the top-quality brands in the European market, so it’s no wonder he wants to go with time and have his own electric car. This should become the XC40, the best-selling SUV carmaker.

Who would not want the XC40 electric

Volvo has long concealed which of its models will have the honor to become the world’s first electromobile, but at the premiere of the S60 sedan, it was finally revealed by Thomas Ingnlath, chief designer of the carmaker. He confirmed the presumption that the chosen model would really be so popular XC40. And he immediately added that the second electric motor model would be the Volvo XC90 flagship. First of all, we have to wait for the premiere of the electric car from Volvo, Polestar.

XC90 electric sales are currently estimated at 2021, which means the XC40 will come a year earlier. At the same time, Volvo revealed that it did not plan any new models that it would introduce next year and focus on electrifying its current model pallet.

Electrification is the future

“It’s no longer a secret that Volvo’s first electric car will be the XC40. It will come very soon after Polestar 2. Then we will get electric drive to other parts of the model line, “said Ingenlath in the recent introduction of the S60 sedan. “We differ from many brands to access electric vehicles. But no one knows how their plans will work in the long run. Electrification is the future of the automotive industry, but how does the automaker handle it when it builds new pure electric cars? It’s far more natural to make another drive, “says Volva chief designer.

The Swedes see electromobiles as a clear future, and therefore they estimate that as early as 2025, more than half of their models will be electric cars. The above-mentioned Polestar, which will produce cars with a fresh design, will also be taking care of the reputation of their reputation as Volvo travels luxury and performance in the rails.

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