Ford has finally entered its fourth generation and brings many changes in terms of design, comfort and economy. It comes with a mostly refurbished interior and plenty of new technologies. It is worth mentioning a number of new engines that are stronger and more efficient.

The new Ford Focus may look longer, but it is not

At first glance, Ford Focus looks longer, but it is not. It’s thanks to a longer wheelbase. The model is built on the C2 platform and in some places you aim at shorter overhangs. In front of you, a new grid strikes you, which gives you the impression that it is taken from the old model and just turned. The bonnet has gotten new lines, but it’s pretty much the same. Front headlights are brand new, including LED tapes.

The back is slightly wider, bigger and more aggressive. Overall, the new Ford Focus has an attractive design with lots of sporty styling, aggressive incentives and unique lines. We’ll see how the car will be on the road.

More modern interior design and dashboard layout

The interior of the Focus is completely new. It features modern features, a new dashboard layout and more sporty panels that complement comfortable seats. The most important new generation of the new generation is the increase in passenger seat in the rear seats.

The large center console is now a thing of the past and fully replaced by a floating information system. The traditional shift lever is replaced by a rotating unit and a wireless charging pad is also available. The seats have been reworked and should be more comfortable. Overall, the interior looks great.

What’s under the hood

Under the hood you will find the EcoBoost 1.0 liter or 1.5 liter engine. Both engines are tuned for different tastes. Expected performance ranges from 84 hp, 99 hp or 123 hp. For a 1.5-liter engine it’s 148 or 180 horsepower.


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