GMC Terrain entered the market in 2010 as the smallest SUV of this brand. It ranks somewhere between compact and medium sized SUVs. It kept this label unchanged until 2016, when minor updates came. And although there were some improvements, it was not enough to compete. So there was nothing left to do but to start working on the new generation model to be introduced at the Detroit Auto Show as a model for 2018. Let’s get to know the new generation, which offers smoother and more stylish design.

The obsolete exterior replaces the fresh design

The new model finally brings a departure from the old and unsightly square design that has plagued us for many years. Everything is new and untouched, from the redesigned ancestor to all angles and lines. Now the car is much stronger and thicker. The big plus that makes a great deal is chrome detail and lines. There are also unsightly wheel arches or tail lights.

Overall, the new design was great. The Terrain 2018 is now firmly anchored in the compact segment and works great on all sides.

The interior is fresh but does not offer so many new ones

The new model also offers a number of innovations inside the cabin. However, these are not so pronounced and we will focus on a few old acquaintances. The instrument panel offers a smaller TFT display, vents with the same shape, but a little smaller. More or less the same cabin, the center console was moved by 90 degrees. It even has the same chrome strips.

You can look forward to premium material, details and various features that you can find even in a higher class than the model offered. Together with the exterior, the interior tunes perfectly.

Standard power will be available in the menu

Under the hood, there is a 1.5 liter DOHC DI Turbo engine. This power unit will offer 170 horsepower and 203 pounds of torque. Everything will be under the control of a nine-speed automatic transmission. More information on performance, acceleration and other engine options are not available.

The new GMC Terrain 2018 is more attractive, offers more modern technology, and overall has more luxury at a lower price than in previous years. But we do not like the V-6 engine and a couple of details that are a matter of taste.

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