If the German premium brand is said, you will start to jump to all the names of the car makers and their models. However, if we say the French premium brand, the response time is probably not going to be so fast. Reputation France is now trying to save the DS brand, which wants to compete with German SUVs. After the big SUV DS 7 Crossback comes the new smaller SUV competing Audi Q2.

DS has always been a luxury segment of Citroën. However, she has now separated herself and is trying to go her own way that she has not done so much. This is evidenced by sales figures, which are lower by 38% compared to the previous year. This year, only 25,000 cars were sold, and that’s really low. But the car is now working on change and comes with a big SUV offensive.

The first representative of this offensive is the DS 7 Crossback, which was introduced this spring and will be available for sale next year in January. This is the second SUV of this brand, but the first DS 6 is only for the Asian market, so we do not buy it here. After Seven, the carmaker plans another small SUV to be set for 2019. It should be a major boost to European sales and the DS puts more hope into it in the seventh.

The name of the car will most likely be the DS3 Crossback, and will be the successor of today’s DS 3, which the car maker does not expect for the future. The small, three-door hatchbacks do not really go well and the heart of the customers today is especially the SUV. The new will compete with the Audi Q2, with a very distinctive look.

The news will also be the first electric car of the carmaker. However, it will not only be offered in an electric variant. The future of the DS model series is based on six models, of which 4 will be SUVs. The remaining two will arrive by 2021 and one of them will be offered exclusively with hybrid drive.

The new should be the first electric car of the car, but it will be offered with a conventional conventional engine. The future of the DS model series plans a total of 6 models, with 4 being SUVs. The rest should arrive by 2021 and one of them will be a pure hybrid car.

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