The Geneva Motor Show has brought us the Supra GR Racing Concept, which is a clear precursor to the serial model. We should be looking forward to it at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival.

The legend is back

Toyota has decided to suspend Supry production in 2002. In addition, it has gradually resigned from all its sporting models, which hurt a large number of fans. Now Supra is back after 16 years. In Geneva, a concept from Gazoo Razing, which told us how the big coupe would look like, was to be seen.

The official production version has now shown itself in the first slide. This is of course dark and the car is covered by a camouflage foil in the colors of the stable. However, it is unlikely that this would be another prototype. Toyota just provokes and knows that such teasing always works. In addition to her twitter account she announced that the news should be seen next week at Goodwood.

It will be great!

The fifth generation of the car should bear the A90 and logically follow the previous model. In the front of the coupe will be hiding 6-cylinder turbocharged with 250 kW, but not in Japan, but in Munich. Toyota has a long-term contract with BMW. Toyota and BMW have a contract together, which could also bring another delicacy for real gourmets in the form of the GRMN version.

On the Internet there are also many spy photos that suggest what the interior of the car might look like. It offers dental devices under the steering wheel, head-up display, navigation, a whole assortment of assistive systems and everything in the standard equipment.

The new addition is also prepared for the NASCAR races, when they are first introduced to Dyton in the Xfinity Series.

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