British producer CCM plans to break through Europe. This would be helped by his most successful Spitfire model.

Unique motorbikes

CCM is a British manufacturer, founded in 1971 in Bolton. Branding machines boast very low weight and stability compared to competitors, along with lean construction. The brand’s tradition is also true of the Spitfire line, which is reaping huge successes.

That’s why the brand has decided to expand to the European market. In order to meet this goal, however, their machines must be adapted to meet all the requirements for the approval of normal road traffic on roads in the European Union, such as the Euro 4 emission standard.

Therefore, CCM is now making all the necessary adjustments and plans to expand to the European market. Meanwhile, customers in Spain, Germany, Italy and France are waiting for them. But other countries should follow.

Unique derivatives

CCM Spitfire was introduced last year, and after a limited edition, the number of 450 motorbikes was just dusty. All motorbikes were sold out in a single week.

The success of the model has been decided by the company to build on a number of its own models offered in limited series. For the time being, Spitfire has also introduced five other models, which differ in their focus and therefore design and chassis.

Spitfire Flat Track, Spitfire Scrambler are currently being sold out. In addition, Spitfire Cafe Racer, Spitfire Bobber and Spitfire RAF 100 are available. All of these are unique and unique in their own way. Low weight and slim construction, along with a minimalist design, are the biggest attraction for most CCM admirers.

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