The Top Gear test circuit is literally legendary. However, your glory is already long gone, so it was decided that there will be a housing complex for up to 1,800 new families.

Unused area

The Dunsfol circuit was part of the airport built during the Second World War. Tp Gear has been using it since 2001, serving primarily for the camouflaged Stig and testing of all kinds of vehicles.

These times are long gone, and the circuit is no longer interested. The ministry thus approved a plan to demolish the entire airport, where a residential complex will be built to provide shelter for up to 1,800 new families. The fate of this airport has been going on since 2016 and the final decision was made last month.

“It is a positive decision that will provide housing for all kinds of society including young families,” said Jim McAllister, Executive Director of Dunsfold Park. “In addition, infrastructure will be improved and new jobs created,” he added. Among the new apartments will also be an athletic playground or medical center.

The end of a large small circuit

However, the test track was not only Top Gear in the past, but was used by other car makers, including McLarren, who tested his MP4-12C here.

Fans will have to give a good run that has seen so many great things. For example, running Jenson Button with the McLaren 675LT

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