Buying a new car is not that complicated. Worse it may be when you buy used. It does not matter whether in the autobazaar. There are a few things to look forward to. What is going on and what to look for first? Take a look with us.

Check your car history

Today, there are different databases where there is no problem finding out that everything has been okay over the years. In addition, recommends you to look into the service book. If the owner of the car has it, it is a great addition, since all the tours and all the service are documented in it.

Make sure everything is sitting

There are cars that have been cut and returned to a nearly perfect state. The fair owner and the car dealership will admit it. The dishonest will lie to you. However, there are quite easy ways to find out if everything is sitting. What is it good to look at? Check:

  • Hue and thickness of paint
  • Date of production of side windows
  • Originality of all parts

Beware of the technical condition

You do not know much like a layman. The Fair Dealer will not only allow your mechanic to look at the car but also allow you to travel to a selected car shop. It already shows that everything is OK with the car. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the technical condition and insist on it. And this is one of the main practical advice we can give you. When you do not understand the car, take someone who does and who can advise you objectively.

Emphasis on trouble-free test drive

In addition to driving, you need to switch off the radio and listen to how the car is behaving. Focus on various issues such as knocking, squeaking and any other substandard sounds. If you hear them, it is a clear sign that there may not be anything wrong with the car. Before looking at the reasons why it’s just a little, or if there is no oil change and there is a risk of engine damage, we’d better recommend that you avoid the car. It is better to first come across a variation that will be trouble-free.

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