Gold is an unusual material in the automotive industry, given the price and characteristics, but the best cars are proud of its use. Usually it is purely limited edition traveling to wealthy collectors, but it is still nice to see how this precious metal adorns popular car models

Gold is used in several ways, either by applying it to the surface of the aerosol, mixing powdered gold into a varnish or gold-plated gold. The first option is the cheapest and the car can be painted in the right color at low prices, but the finest option is to create a finished lacquer with gold.

The gold color for everyone

Gold can be enjoyed in your car, it does not have to be true gold. The technology of lacquer preparation can be adapted to the golden shade. Less wealthy users are also offered the opportunity to purchase a gold-colored carpet, but the prestige loses its effect when the owner knows that it is not true gold.

There are cars that are made for the golden color, but on the other hand, there are cars that do not have a golden hue. We are going to introduce cars that have been very positive, but also cars where this color is not suitable.

Lamborghini Aventador – YES

Beautiful car that looks gold in color as a luxury bike pendant. The gold color design adds extraordinary charm to the car.

Mercedes G-Class – NO

Dressing a terrain car into a golden robes, this can be called a peak of taste. The car works in gold very unnaturally, and most people would prefer to rebuild it in a less exquisite design.

Bugatti Veyron – YES

Getting the pre-wagon a golden version is just an investment that is easily lost throughout the purchase price of the car. Veyron looks golden as a luxury beetle that boasts glittering glasses. Here is the golden design to the black.

Volkswagen CC – YES

The Volkswagen CC is a car that fits in every color. Its shape and general constitution is destined to proudly accentuate the garages of its owners, and if anyone decides to give it a golden color, it will do just fine.


The BMW M5 is a very widespread wagon in Europe, but the gold is not a bad one. The car will be different from the other gold, but it will not add to it nicely, so gold has not succeeded.

Bentley Continental GT – NO

The snob-looking appearance of the car itself is overwhelmed by prestige, but the gold color is on that prestige. Although gold is suitable for expensive cars, this model can not dazzle with gold. Or are we wrong?

Nissan GT-R – YES

When he drives the car in the streets, usually so that he can provoke less efficient vehicles with his parameters. Let’s admit it, nothing can outrage more than the golden racing car. Specifically, this model belongs to Usian Bolt.

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