This rule is now understood by Lotus, who is planning to manufacture his own SUV in series, a thing that is unimaginable a few years ago.

The Lotus car is a quality luxury car manufacturer and its SUV will certainly be a great car, but this idea would be a good joke a few years ago and so the sports car manufacturer joined the other well-known companies such as Ferrari or Lamborghini, who are also preparing their sports SUV.

Lotus, however, we have to let go of our ambitions and SUV capabilities already in 2006, when the APX concept was introduced. He had demonstrated the ability of the carmaker to produce a model with a higher bodywork, which is also highly dynamic. However, after the concept, all Lotus reports in connection with the SUV quenched. And until 2015, when it was stated that Lotus would actually have its SUV.

And why did Lotus end up deciding on SUV after so many years? The explanation is purely pragmatic and is behind sales. Who wants to sell today, the SUV is an indispensable tool to achieve this. Marc Gales, CEO of the car, has confirmed that he puts the SUV into great hope that the model could increase brand sales up to two times. This will take care of both the appearance of the car and the premium technology that will be stored in it.

The first sketches showed us how the car will look like. The front of the car will be very moderate and will look like the SUV model from Jaguar. But where the designers have given up their imagination, it’s the back of the car that looks really hot. The whole car will be relatively small, and that’s because of the dynamic properties of the car, which is why Lotus is very grateful.

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