As you know, Volkswagen is not the only Volkswagen carmaker, but this group is hiding under its wings a number of brands, including Seat and Škoda. And just these three brands have too much to do with the group and therefore need to have bigger differences among themselves.

These three brands are the best that Volkswagen has on the European market and it is quite possible by sharing similar design and technology together. However, this group does not like it very much and plans changes in this respect. At least, Mathias Müller, General Manager of Volkswagen, said. Management is now planning to redefine the individual brands that will be sorted by 14 new + customer groups.

“The most important challenge is to achieve a perfect market coverage with clear brand territory,” Müller said at a strategic meeting with about 400 managers in Wolfsburg. “We must now be better able to benefit from the cooperation our unique brand alliance offers than we have done so far.”

This procedure is intended to calm the conflicts of relations between the parties. These are the wildest between Germany and Skoda. German managers have been doing everything they can to force Škoda to move beyond the borders of our country. At the same time, they are very lobbying for increased fees for shared technology. This has already provoked a sharp sharpening of the situation that the prime minister had to calm down the whole thing.

Built brand is a very sensitive topic. “Of course, it is sometimes an extreme challenge to drive this tanker and balancing (different) interests,” he said. It will also be followed by efforts to differentiate between premium brands and differentiate strategies into other regions.

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