Yamaha is well-known for its motorcycles, outboard engines, weight loss tools, and so on. Now the Japanese mega-corporation has decided to enter the car market and presents our original Cross Hub concept. Let’s take a closer look at this original vehicle in every direction.

Design has futuristic elements and a non-traditional layout

The Cross Hub concept looks unexpected. In short, a group of engineers and designers who have never seen a pickup closed in one room and suggested what Cross Hub is.

The most interesting part is the “bubble” that connects the cabin with the cargo space, which are separate from each other. The front part looks like a combination of Yamaha UTV and Ford Edsel. There are three different lighting elements, sharp lines and a massive mask.

The storage space is of sufficient size to load the motorcycle. The “trunk” door also serves as an extension of the cargo space, but it no longer fills the function of the fence. Overall, the exterior of Cross Hub looks great and the futuristic design will surely appreciate enthusiasts who want to have something good for the eye besides the practical side.

Interior in a diamond layout

Unconventional style can be found in the interior. Laying the diamond with the driver in the middle and the rest of the passengers. Small screen dashboards display the necessary information about the vehicle, ride and / or are a great way to have fun.

The orange-gray interior with black elements is complemented by aluminum, which can be found on the doors, foot pedals and supports. Although it’s probably not the most practical design ever made, it’s definitely something new and un-dotted.

Will the Yamaha Cross Hub surprise you?

It will not be a surprise to share the fact that we do not know what the drive unit will contain the Yamaha Cross Hub. So we have to wait for all the options the company offers. But we will most likely wait for a hybrid drive.


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