If you have a large car like the Chrysler 300 you need really big bikes. But one of his Japanese owners had a little overturned it and it turned out the way it turned out.

If you do not know as …

Japanese automobile culture is sometimes incomprehensible to Europeans. Extreme tuning, for example, is very popular in Japan, but here we would be cutting hands. And that’s the same with the bosozok exhaust. Today, however, we are looking at the trend of big wheels on cars, which mainly comes from the US, but in Japan they do something like that.

An example is the American Chryslet 300, whose Japanese owner wanted to have a really big wheels car. But this has been a little overdone for his wishes, and the Chyrysler has mounted the rims of the Forgiato OG 36 Fiore, which are 26 inches in diameter. Let them paint them in silver to match the Chrysler’s paint.

These wheels are so powerful that in order to fit into the wheel arches, tires with a size of only 275/25 have to be fitted to the rims. So suddenly the goods of the pimps and rap artists became so demanding, but the mortal just knocks on his forehead and asks why? Traveling with the car has to be absolutely hell, because the buttocks of the owner have to remind the burgers and added a strange front bumper to make his car look more like Bentley. A billion billions of LEDs are no crazy around, so we just hope that this car will be on Pim My Ride, where it’s going to be a breakthrough.

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