If you also have a longer journey across Europe with your entire family during the summer, you will definitely not have to load a lot of things into your car. Come and see us how to do it.

First check everything

Before you get into the car, you should check to see if you have everything turned off, set, stuffed, and fed at home. You also need to make sure that you have taken everything, which is always helped by a well-worked list. Then you can start loading, but beware of things like loading luggage into the car requires the involvement of reason and logic.


If you pick up your carcase, then choose a very simple procedure. Start with the toughest luggage and then head for luggage. It is not only for safety reasons but also because of the center of gravity of the car. At the same time, think about mandatory equipment that may vary in different European countries. And so it is good to pack the tow rope, the compressor and the lantern. They will also be useful for you at the water.

Things not just in the trunk

Properly loaded suitcase may not be enough. It is therefore possible to load things in the interior of the car. In that case, however, it is only necessary to put things on the floor of a car. Otherwise, things on the seats could cause a lot of mischief during the collision and seriously injure the crew.

The same problem is with salary under the rear window of the car. This is often used as a place where we store the many things we need while driving, from the camera, water bottles to the book. In fact, however, we should place the pillow and blanket as much as possible, since the items placed in this place could seriously injure even during braking.


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