Tesla has not really released Model 3 and is already busy developing with the Y model to complete the S3XY line-up. So far, there has been little information about the mysterious model, but more and more information has gained more light. What does the novelty offer and is really revolutionary?

Exterior with high-quality design and unconventional layout

As you can see in the first pictures, the new model should be SUV and crossover. Throughout the car, we find a few muscular lines that make a great impression. The car is built on a new platform and offers new possibilities. In addition to the mentioned “muscles”, it also has new lining and the style of lights. Also, the opening of the door should be different from what we are used to. We will see how the vision will look real.

The interior is a great mystery

At this point, the interior is a mystery. Whatever the expectation, the Y model is based on the X model. It does not have to be so in the interior. The main point of the interior is a large tablet to provide all the necessary information. The whole cabin should otherwise be dull and without any big extras. The luminous interior will be supplemented with a plastic lining in a two-color design.

The drive has been stripped of the 12V architecture

Of course, Y will be powered, but it will differ from other models by not being built on 12V architecture. This means that it will not be powered by lead batteries. This reduces the amount of cabling, makes the construction easier and will deliver faster. Under the hood, most likely a 75 kWh battery that has a range of 215 miles, a zero to six-second speed and a maximum speed of 209 km / h. Engineers, however, have confirmed that they are also laughing with more powerful batteries that can provide longer range and performance.

The new model offers plenty of options for customers. The big advantage is the fact that it will not be equipped as a competitor and will offer a number of new features. The problem may be at a high price.

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